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      The Innovative Products of CYD

      Dendritic structure, Improve performance, Reduce cost

      molecular Advantages

      CYD product is dendritic structure. Dendritic polymers as "the fourth class of new polymer materials", are attractive to the scientific world and industrial circles. The novelty of these materials includes highly branched molecular structure, a large number of surface functional groups, void space in molecules, monodisperse molecular weight distribution and nanoscale dimensions. The structural characteristics of dendritic polymers lead to unique properties such as excellent solubility and dispersion properties, low melt viscosity and solution viscosity

      • Dispersing Impact Modifier

        Dispersing Impact Modifier


        1 Compared with the same dosage of POE, CYD-6100 can increase the product impact strength by 40-60% in high filler-content PP system.

        2 Reduce the formula cost whilemaintaining excellent impact strength.

        3 With excellent dispersing and fluidity performance, the melting index is 50% higher than the POE formula.


      • Nylon Lubricant Additive

        Nylon Lubricant Additive


        1 Melt pressure was decreased 200%,Surface property improved,output increased.

        2 No negative influence on the products’mechanical properties.

        3 No NEGITIVE influence on fire resistance.

      The difference between dendritic polymers and conventional linear polymers.

      The newest fourth class of polymer materials
      Conventional polymer materials

      1The dendritic molecule is a highly branched structure

      2Dendritic polymers have good geometric symmetry structures and large number of surface groups

      1The conventional polymer material is a linear or low degree of branching structure

      Performance comparisons

      1Highly branched structure property of dendrimers makes its high solubility characteristic and ease of processing and application

      2Highly branched and roughly spherical structures of dendritic polymers lead to less chain entanglement between molecules and have low melt viscosity

      3The highly branched nature of dendrimers reduces regular array of molecular chains,so dendrimers have low glass transition temperature ,are easy to form film and crystallization performance significantly decreased, such as hyperbranched polyesters can be used in the field with high requirements for transparency

      4A large number of surface functional groups of dendrimers lead to its high chemical activity and through modifying the end groups, dendrimers can get more functional groups

      1The traditional materials can not dissolve in many solvents and that limits the applications

      2 The traditional materials generally have a relatively high melt viscosity and are not conducive to processing and application

      3The traditional polymers are easy to form crystallization due to linear molecular chain structures, such as polyester

      Company Profile

      The first enterprise in Asia to research,?develop&?produce dendritic polymers

      Company Profile

      As the first enterprise in Asia to research,develop & produce dendritic polymers , Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co.,Ltd. (CYD Company) has provided many dendritic polymers products to Peking University, Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. for scientific experiments, and now it has already realized the industrialization of dendritic polymers. From the worldwide, such as Australia, Europe, America and so on. Our products have been widely used in plastic modification, coating and ink, biomedicine, nanomaterials and water treatment fields etc.

      Company Profile
      • The first in Asia

        Research, develop & produce dendritic polymers

      • Partners

        Top 500 firms

      • Cooperation with Universities

        Peking University,?Tsinghua University etc.

      • More than 20 years experience

        Professors from Peking University more than 20 years in dendritic polymers field

      Experts Team

      CYD has a professional and excellent team led by a chemistry doctor of Peking University to engage in R&D of products. The core management and shareholders ever worked in top 500 firms.
      • De-Yue Yan

        Age:79Educational Background:Ph.DProfession:Polymer

        Advantages Expertise
        ? Work Experience: ? Polymer chemists, and in 2005 was elected as academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, senior researcher and the academic committee of the State Key Laboratory of metal matrix composites, academic committee director of the school test center. The editorial board of "Macromolecular Theory and Simulation". ? Specialty: ? Shanghai Science and technology progress (Basic Research) ,first prize. (1998). ? National Natural Science, fourth Prize. (1999). ? Joint winners of "polymer condensation polymerization, polyaddition reaction, and crosslinking reaction of the statistical theory" , the National Natural Science Two, (1989).
      • Wei Yen

        Age:57Educational Background:Ph.DProfession:Polymer

        Advantages Expertise
        Title: Taishan scholars Major: Ph.D,Polymer ? Work Experience: ? Professor of Tsinghua University, department of chemistry, director of the research center of polymer, former professor of U.S. Drexel University and , in 2014 was appointed as team leader of CYD's Taishan academic project. ? Specialty: ? Thousand Talents program, internationally renowned chemist, famous scholars in polymer field.
      • Jia Xinru

        Age:62Educational Background:Ph.DProfession:Polymer

        Title: Taishan scholars Major: Ph.D,Polymer ?Work Experience: ?Professor of Peking University, doctoral tutor, deputy director of department of polymer, in 2014 was appointed as team member of CYD's T…

        Advantages Expertise
        Title: Taishan scholars Major: Ph.D,Polymer ? Work Experience: ? Professor of Peking University, doctoral tutor, deputy director of department of polymer, in 2014 was appointed as team member of CYD's Taishan academic project. ? Specialty: ? One of the earliest professors to do research about Dendritic Polymers in China.
      • Bo Zhishan

        Age:48Educational Background:Ph.DProfession:Polymer

        Title: Taishan scholars Major: Ph.D,Polymer ?Work Experience: Professor of Beijing Normal University, doctoral tutor, head of Polymer Research Institute, in 2014 was appointed as team member of CYD's Taishan academic project. ?Specialty: Hundred-Talent Program (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Good at synthesis and application research of dendrimers.

        Advantages Expertise
        Title: Taishan scholars Major: Ph.D,Polymer ?Work Experience: Professor of Beijing Normal University, doctoral tutor, head of Polymer Research Institute, in 2014 was appointed as team member of CYD's Taishan academic project. ?Specialty: Hundred-Talent Program (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Good at synthesis and application research of dendrimers.


      CYD will coomperate with Shanghai Jiaotong University

      CYD will coomperate with Shanghai Jiaotong University

      Left 1 Zhu Xinyuan, Director of the Chemical Engineering Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University

      Right 1 GM of CYD Li Wusong(Ph.D of Peking University)

      The only dendritic polymer academician workstation!

      The only dendritic polymer academician workstation!

      Patents and certificates



      Contact Us

      ● Name:

      ● Tel:


      ● Message:

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